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Sights Of Nikolaev

cerkovThe city of Nikolaev, the city of the snow-white yachts, blossoming locusts and scarlet roses, is located on a peninsula in the estuary of the Southern Bug and the Ingul rivers. The city was named by the order of Potyomkin in 1789. The first ship built in Nikolaev was launched in 1790 – a 44-gun frigate called Svyatoy Nikolay (Saint Nicholas). Its image still decorates the municipal arms.

The city of shipbuilders – this is how Nikolaev is most often called. The location of our city disposes to rest. You can judge for yourself: the south of Ukraine, the Southern Bug river basin. In the west there is the Black Sea city of Odessa, in the east – the Kherson region which occupies the territory from the Azov coast up to the Black Sea coast. The south of our region is washed by the Black Sea waters. Meteorologists call the climate moderately continental, i.e. winters here are usually mild with little snow, whereas summers are solar and hot.

Recreation in Nikolaev region means sandy beaches of the Black Sea resorts, quiet lakes and ravines of the Southern Bug, therapeutic muds of the Tiligul and the Beykush estuaries. Nikolaev region boasts about 250 sanatoria and health centers for recreation, 120 territories and objects of natural reserve fund, regional landscape parks, about 19 parks. Flooded areas and virgin steppe, granite rocks and relic groves – all this is reserved Nikolaev region.

The length of the Black Sea coast in the territory of Nikolaev region is 68 km. Here are located, mainly in Berezan and Ochakov areas, the town of Ochakov, the settlements of Lugovoye, Morskoye, Rybakovka, Koblevo, 197 health centers and recreation. During the season Nikolaev region receives more than half a million of tourists and vacationers. The best-known resorts are Koblevo, Nikolaev zoo, Olvia archeological reserve, Kinburnskaya Kosa (Kinburn spit) regional park.

yjni-bugActive rest – rafting on the Bug rapids, hunting with a camera gun in the reserve areas and flooded areas – becomes more and more popular with each year. They say, he who once saw pelicans and herons fly at Vasilyeva Paseka (Vasily’s bee-garden) at sunset will remember it for life. Nikolaev boasts the oldest Yacht club in Ukraine and yacht sport, as well as yacht tourist cruises which are traditional attraction of the region. Nikolaev has accumulated a rich spiritual and cultural potential. The green of culture and recreation parks, Children’s town Fairy Tale, cultural and game complex decorate the city; there is a wide network of cinemas and libraries, two state regional museums (a museum of regional studies and Vereshchaghin’s arts museum), a regional philharmonic society and two professional theaters.

The pride of our city is the ZOO which is a remarkable recreation place for residents and guests of the city. It is recognized as the best in Ukraine and one of the best in Europe, and recently it celebrated its centenary. More than two hundred thousand people visit it annually. The zoo collection boasts 350 animal species, and their total amount is about 2,500 specimen. Nikolaev zoo participates in many international programs on preserving rare animal species in captivity.

zooparkVODOLEY aqua park is one more sight of Nikolaev. Here one can have a wonderful rest and enjoy himself. Vodoley is the only pool in Ukraine with water attractions, hydro massage etc. that conforms to the European standards.

For fans of winter sports and recreation a SKATING RINK has been built in the center of the city where one can skate even in summer heat.

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